Russell 2001
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Camp Russell (click here for directions)


January 27-28, 2001


3 adults (Mike F., John I., John K.) braved the winter weather with 9 scouts (Brian F., Chris I., Matt T., Ben T., Dean P., Matt B., Johnny Z., Justin D., & Dan A.).


We came home with as many as we started with, which is always a good sign.

The pictures are shown in roughly the order they were taken.  As always, clicking on one will bring you a larger version.

You'll notice that there's a mysterious dog in some of the photos.  We didn't bring him; he just shows up at Camp Russell with regularity.  He seems like a good dog, but has the odd habit of actually eating wood.  We saw him do it.

For people who haven't done it (and for some that have), tent camping in the snow sounds a bit strange.  Actually, it's not nearly as bad as it sounds, provided you know how to dress and prepare your site.  We weren't the only ones at Russell during this weekend.  There was another group that stayed in one of the cabins during the day, and then slept outside in giant snow caves they built for the night.  Unfortunately, we don't have any photos of that.

Once again, we ate well (cheese ravioli for dinner, eggs, bacon, and donuts for breakfast).  We scavenged for wood, went hiking/X-country skiing across the lake, and even enjoyed some pyrotechnics (ask the scouts).