Russell 2002
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Location: Camp Russell - Dining Hall
Dates: December 27, 28, 29 - 2002
Who: John Koslosky (of course), assisted by John Ivory and Cliff Rose, led a group of 9 scouts... Dean P., Brian F., Justin D., Matt & Ben T., Dave S., Jeremy R., and Chris & Matt I.
Notes: Special thanks to the extra parents who came up and rescued us at the end of the weekend. :-)

Food & Fun

As has become custom over the past few years, we made our annual pilgrimage to the dining hall at Camp Russell for a couple of days and nights.  Pictionary, a TV/VCR with "The Great Outdoors" and "Flash Gordon", excellent and creative food, card games, flying toys from old soda cans (ref photo on left)... Life (indoors) just doesn't get any better than this.

It seems that our mix of scouts and adults keeps getting better and better... truly impressive levels of camaraderie and teamwork made for an excellent weekend.

Snowshoes & X-Country Skis...

We managed to secure a great price for equipment rental at Mountain Man Sports in Old Forge for X-country skis and snowshoes, so the troop went out on a 6 mile odyssey on local trails.  The greatest challenge was figuring out how for get across a frozen marsh area; we had to blaze our own trail through, and the ice wasn't nearly as thick as we'd have liked in some areas.

For many of the scouts, it was their first attempt at such an event, and they paid for it with sore muscles the next day.

The second evening out, we also enjoyed the company of Bill and MaryAnn Koslosky, as well as Zephyr and Yukon (not shown here).

My special thanks are to Justin D. for sending along the following additional photos.  (It's nice to actually be in a couple of them.)