Russell - March 2003
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Location: Camp Russell: Lean-to & Hunter's Lodge
Dates: March 29/30 - 2003
Who: A lot of 'em... Matt I., Brian F., Jeremy R., Patrick D., Jake L., Arjun A., John C., and Nick D. (and a full compliment of brave adults!)
Notes: An excellent first outing for some of our newer recruits!

The best laid plans of mice and men (or in our case, scouts and dogs) often go asunder.

The original plan was for us to all go up and sleep in tents.  Thankfully, we discovered early that the grounds were still largely covered with snow and mud, so we were able to get reservations for a set of lean-tos.

But, when we arrived, we discovered that somebody else had already taken most of them over.  As we were exploring our options, we were told that another scout troop never showed up for the hunters cabin. After a quick vote, it was decided that we'd take our chances there!  Even so, Mr. I and two of the older scouts opted to sleep in a lean-to anyway.

This was the first outing for 3 of our new guys, and it was an excellent introduction to who we are and what we do.  Everyone had a really good time!

(And no, we weren't burning milk cartons just for the fun of it... we were actually cooking haut dawgs!)