Frozen Assets - Tents in the Snow
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Location: Camp Russell: In the brave outdoors
Dates: January 31 - February 1, 2004
Who: Matt I., Brian F., Jeremy R., Patrick D., and the normal cadre of adults (John, John, Jim, Cliff)
Notes: -7 degrees in the morning!

In the middle of one of the coldest winters on record, we went up to Camp Russell and pitched tents in the snow.  And yes, it was cold, but it was also a lot of fun. 

The most significant event was the building of a show cave.  The scouts shoveled snow to form a large mound, almost 6 feet tall, then hollowed it out.  The end result was a cavern big enough to comfortably hold all four scouts with room to spare.  Most importantly, it was a full 20 degrees warmer inside the cave than it was outside.

We had a roaring fire for most of the time we were there, and ate real well with almost no cleanup (lots of pre-prep, and use of boiling bags for the food).  It was also the maiden voyage for some new camping equipment for the troop, and we even made time for lessons in knot tying and emergency preparedness.