Russell - November '04
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Location: Camp Russell (maybe, Rusell, Russel?)
Dates: November 27/28, 2004
Who: Adults: Mr. Koslosky, Mr. Derrane, Mr. Fitzsimmons
Scouts: Brian F. (the elder), Patrick D., Philip F.,
Brian F. (the younger), Joshua and Dustin T., Ben D., and Bryce H.
Notes: The notes on the page were written by our special guest webmaster, Patrick D., and are supplied pretty much as delivered, and I think they are fantastic.  I should have though of having the scouts write these things years ago.  He did a wonderful job of capturing the spirit and the fun from a scouts perspective.  Special thanks to his father, Jim, for being the photographer.
This year the drive up to Russell was a trip in itself. So between packs, sleeping bags, pots, people, and an excited dog it was a little cramped. But we all made it okay (Philip was a little ruffed up, he had the dog in his lap half the trip.)

Set up was simple. There were no tents to set up, we slept in lean-tos. We also had to go without our portable kitchen (sob, sob, sob).

The next exciting thing was when we went on a search for a geocache in the area. It ended up involving a five mile on road off road trek, a river, and a geocache find by Joshua, and the sacrifice of one brave glove. All the while our group was circled by one excited dog.

After the hike we all started set-up for dinner. Dinner consisted of meat, some pepper and veggies stuck on a stick and cooked in tin foil over the fire. Shiskabob, courtesy of Jim Derrane. The best thing was it tasted great. That probably won't be the last time we eat shiskabob.

Then we ate dessert.

Dessert consisted of our first ever successful Dutch oven creation, apple cobbler, and some instant pudding. All in all dinner and dessert were some of the best ever.

After dessert and clean-up the scouts retreated to their respective lean-tos. But not for long, soon a variation of capture the flag began. It involved one scout from each lean-to trying to run into the other lean-to while the scouts from the other lean-to tried to block him. After the scouts tired of playing this games they went back to theie lean-tos to play card games.

In one tent there was a heated game of war going on (Brian was able to win the first game but the impressive hour long match went to Patrick). While that was going on the younger scouts played some other game in their tent. Nothing exciting happened while we slept. No bear attacks; no missing children (maybe next time).

In the morning we ate a breakfast of pancakes and sausage. We also got to see some trees fall. After clean-up packing for departure began. We did end up packing in a light drizzle but missed the worst of it. Then as all camping trips end we went to the church unpacked the troop things then returned home to hugs and big warm cups of hot cocoa.