Russell - December '04
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Location: Camp Russel for the annual winter retreat.
Dates: December 17-19, 2004
Who: Adults:

The Camp Russell  is probably the best trip of all the winter ones. The reason for this is because we sleep inside. Now, it just happens to have an amazing kitchen.

I personally love the food that we cook. It is nice solid, greasy, high-carb food. Pasta with sauce, eggs and bacon, french toast, and more bacon are just some of the stuff we cook.

Now the thing about sleeping... Most of us sleep on tables or under tables. Well, one of the nights there was a slight accident. Mike L. was sleeping peacefully like everyone else one of the nights... and then he puked.  The problem was that we don's spread out when we sleep. We sleep like sardines; packed tight one right after another. Well long story short, Mr. I tried his best cleaning it up in the middle of the night while everyone else slept (except Mike).