Russell - December 2005
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Location: Camp Russell (near Old Forge), The Dining Hall & beyond.
Dates: December 16-18, 2005
Who: Max the Dog, Jonathan A., Marshal C., Matt S., Chris S., Nick D., Patrick D., Ben D., Bryce H., Jeremy R., Brian F. (the younger), Brian F. (the elder), and Jon K.
Notes: Special thanks to Steve Alessandrini for having taken many of the photos you see here.

Pepsi and Mentos
Mr. Ivory first learned of this trick from his elder son Chris (yes... the one shown in these pages).  He and his room mates at WPI did this in their bathroom at college, and there's a video of it on Google.  If you listen carefully, you can even hear Chris's laugh.  So of course... we had to try it too.  (It turns out the people at NPR like to try stuff like this as well.  Click here to listen to their explanation.)