Arrival at LCWC
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Where: Entry road to Log Cabin Wilderness Camp
When: Near sunset, Friday, August 4, 2006

After a long and exciting day, we finally made it to the entrance to the camp.  Sort of.  Although we found the main entrance off the road, getting up the long, strange drive proved to be a puzzle.

After some deliberation, as the sun was setting and it was getting dark fast, we managed to get a call up to the main camp.  They instructed us to park the vans down near a watering station, while they started to come down from the camp to pick us up in stages.

(The watering station idea worked out fairly well, except for some odd notes left on one of the vans later in the week.)

It took several trips at 20-30 minute cycles to get us all to the camp.  The final ride up was with just adult leaders, and we were treated to a terrifying drive up and over some switchbacks () in the darkness.  I think some of us had years shaved off our lives as a result!

Kudos go to all the senior scouts for doing a wonderful job helping out and coordinating the efforts at getting us through this stage of the trip and helping us settle into the camp.