Climbing Lee Vining
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Where: Lee Vining Mountain, California
When: Monday, August 7, 2006
Notes: Commentary for this page provided by Ben D (with help from his mom)

This is the Blue Team!

Once our troop split into two groups and our other half went on their merry way we Blue Teamers got to work. With packed lunches and lots of water on our backs we set out to face Lee Vining's 11,600 foot mountain.

We quickly learned that elevating elevation can really tire out a body.

Rest stops came frequently. At some points near the top, 20 steps could earn some of us another break.

The key to Blue Team's success in bagging our first high peak was encouragement and team work. Some of us made it to the top on the words of motivation given by our team mates.

Helping hands were extended all the way.

The top of the mountain brought relief, smiles and a time to relax. For some the air was too thin and judgment was impaired.

The best part of climbing the mountains (aside from reaching the top alive) was definitely playing around in the snow. Amazingly, not only was there snow, in California, in August, but it was pink!

 Was it just demented snow that it turned out a funny color? No.

Apparently, there was a certain type of lichen in it that happened to be pink. It would taste and smell like watermelon, and give you the runs for a week or two. Thankfully, no one ate any and we were runs free. We survived this climb with one one head bumped on a rock, three heads hit on the same log, one vomiting scout, and a lot of helping others at all times.

(Notice the near-dead body in the lower left)