Rocks & Rapelling
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Where: Some moderate clifs near LCWC
When: Wednesday, August 9, 2006
Notes: Commentary on this page was provided by Ben D.
(with help from his mom).

Blue Team packed our back packs and headed out for a two day adventure away from base camp.

Our first full day we hiked with lots of filtered water over to the repelling sight. What a very beautiful day for this activity. For those that participated repelling was also a great bit of fun. The cliffs we repelled off of looked dinky from the bottom, but when you were ready to descend, they got huge!

Of course, the first cliff that freaked everyone out was the smallest one in the area. After conquering the first drop and it wasn't so bad, the rest of the cliffs seemed easy.

Those that couldn't be convinced to try the repelling were just as happy to play cards. We drank a lot of water, thank God Gil brought large jugs to replenish our supply before we hiked back to our camp sight.