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Where: Yosemite / LCWC / San Francisco
When: Early August, 2006
Notes: Below are images of some of the various animals that we saw or encountered during the week.  Whenever possible, I opted to use a photo one of us took, but sometimes the cameras weren't at hand in time.

Mountain Lion

It's quite rare to get a real sighting, so we consider ourselves lucky (in more than one way).  This baby was right behind us while on the 4 day hike through Yosemite (read more here).

We met trail workers along the way that said they'd been in Yosemite for over 15 years and still had not seen a live mountain lion.

Thank goodness we got a photo.

Bald Eagle

Mike Fitzsimmons and John Koslosky were on a boat at Saddlebag Lake, when they saw a bald eagle swoop out of the sky to pluck a fish out of the water!  Just like in the nature programs on TV!. 

Buck Deer

The one on the left was just strolling through the parking lot at Curry Village, calm as can be.  We also saw evidence of them all over the place. 

Stellar's Jay

This comical bird was all over the place in Yosemite.  They almost seemed to tease us with their goofy call and slightly clumsy way of flying.

Bob Cat / Lynx

Mr. Fitzsimmons was taking a light nap next to a boulder on the side of May Lake.  When he woke up, he looked up over his shoulder and saw a Bob Cat looking right back down at him.

How cool is that?


These gather in small communities, much as prairie dogs do, and live in burrows underground (obviously requiring a larger hole than your normal rabbit). 

There was a fair sized nesting area for these one the ridge between LCWC and the view of Mono Lake.

Western Fence Lizard

These were all over the place.  Although often tiny (2-3 inches), you'd occasionally seem them as big as or bigger than your hand.  Sometimes called a "swift" or "blue belly", they were very skittish, and surprisingly fast.


The little guy on the right was actually part of a family of coons that was begging for food at the pizza place down in Curry Village on our first night.  You see him here looking over the roof of the place down onto the tourists.

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