Curry Village
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Where: Curry Village
When: Evening of Thursday, Aug 3, into noon of Friday, Aug 4, 2006
Notes: This was a great find!  Super kudos to the travel agent that was able to arrange this for us.  It's a must-do return trip, just to stay here.

Some of the adults on this trip (and perhaps some of the people reading this entry) will remember those old Walt Disney nature shows on Sunday nights.  There'd be a pleasant narrative overlaying light music while showing photogenic scenes of landscape and animals.

That's what Curry Village was like in real life.  You couldn't help but smile at everything. It was just too good to be true. Simple, honest, and somehow amazing.

We scattered ourselves across some large number of these canvas over wood frame structures, being careful to not unpack too much, as we'd be leaving again by the next day.


Encounters with the nature and spectacle of Yosemite were unavoidable.  The views of the incredible mountains were breathtaking... words can't capture the scale of the place.  We weren't there more than an hour before seeing this Buck Deer casually walking between the cars.

Food was easy!

There was a great eating spot right next to all the tents.  We had Pizza outside the first night.  How many scouting trips include pizza!?  The raccoons at Yosemite were crawling all over the roof of the eatery, begging for scraps and giving everyone some free entertainment.

We gorged ourselves with a buffet breakfast the next morning as we laid our plans for the day.