Sacramento to Yosemite
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Where: On the road between Sacramento and Yosemite... a few hours drive after a long day of flying.
When: Afternoon (California time), Thursday, Aug 4, 2006
Notes: We were definitely not in NY any more. 
Everything at the airport went well and we rented our vans and cars to begin the big trip over to Yosemite.  After stopping at a mall for a bite to eat, we began the drive. 

Most of the scouts napped while the country side rolled by.  It became more and more apparent that we were a long way from home.  The terrain started out simple, then turned more dessert like.

The first of many impressive views greeted us outside Yosemite, at Jacksonville (), where we all got out to stretch our legs a little.

As we neared our destination, we saw the first glimpse of Yosemite (on right)... a truly breathtaking view.  No photo can do it justice, and we thought to ourselves that it can't get better than this. 

It was a thought that proved wrong many times over the coming week.