Tuolomne Grove Sequoias
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Where: Tuolumne Grove, near West entrance to Yosemite Valley
When: Friday, Aug 4, 2006
Who: Pretty much all of us

There's something mythic about these trees that words just can't quite grasp.

  You hear about how big they are, and you see photos, but then when you stand right next to them... wow.

This provided a nice diversion as we left the Yosemite Valley on our drive over to the Log Cabin Wilderness Camp.  It was a little more of a walk than I think we expected, especially since we weren't quite yet used to the high altitude and the dry air.  Even so, it was worth it to see trees that are thousands of year old! 

It's good to see that somebody had the foresight to keep them around, and not turn them all into coffee tables.