Hanging Around at LCWC
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Where: Log Cabin Wilderness Camp
When: Saturday, August 5, 2006 (& the rest of the week)
Notes: The camp sits at 9,600 feet of altitude.  Washington Mill (where we're based out of) is at about 800 feet.  The first full day was dedicated to just hanging around and acclimating ourselves.  The pictures below were gathered from all sorts of sources, and cover varied times during the week.

The weather could not have been more cooperative.  There were near cloudless skies every single day we were at the camp.  The only bad weather we saw the whole time was on the drive near Olmstead Point.  After that... nothing but stunning blue.

We had pretty much the whole place to ourselves, which was kinda nice.  It gave us a chance to lower our guard and relax.  We were admittedly tired from all the activity and the noticeably thinner air.

The dining hall, and indeed the whole camp, was under the wise guidance of Gil.  He not only cooked all the meals, but he set the tone for the camp, making it warm and welcome to everybody.

The main camp building served as more than a place to get a meal.  It was the gathering place... where we'd come to just hang out, chat, play board games (and forge or strengthen friendships)

Poker... a Man's Game!

Some of these guys are serious hustlers.  I'm glad that we forced the rule of forbidding electronic entertainment from being brought on this trip.  It made a huge difference in determining how everybody got along.  There's a lot more life skills to be gained playing poker than there ever will be with a Gameboy!

Something interesting to notice in these photos is the extremes of temperature that we were subject to.  Depending on the time of day, we were either in shorts and T-shirts, or were bundled up in sweats.  During some of the nights, it got down to below 40 degrees. Mornings and evenings were BRISK!