Lower Yosemite Falls
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Where: At the bottom of the largest waterfalls in North America!
When: Morning, Friday August 4th, 2006
Notes: Yosemite falls drops about 2,425 feet from the top-top down to the area where we climbed around on the rocks in the photos shown here.  There are three stages to the falls... a 1430 foot plunge, then 675 feet of cascades and finishes off with a 320 foot "horsetail".

The photo on the right is the only one in this set that shows the entire height of the falls.  As we got closer, the view of the top-top became obscured.  Even so, the bottom section was quite impressive.  At a height of 320 feet, it's over twice the height of Niagara Falls!


After a short walk down the path to the base of the falls (and the obligatory climbing around on rocks), we came to the base of the lower part of the falls.

The boulders here ranged in size from large farm animals to small tractor trailers, all helter skelter.  Take a look at some of the photos here in the expanded form.  Notice how tiny we were compared to these rocks!  There were no guard rails, no safety harnesses, no "do not trespass" signs.  So... of course... we HAD to go exploring!

Staying as a group was almost impossible.  The geography and roar of the waterfalls made yelling and use of walkie talkies impractical.

And, of course, one group of older scouts had to go see how far up the left side they could get.  Nobody got hurt.  Nobody got lost.  All had a fantastic time.



It took the rest of the day (week?) before Marshall got his breath back.


We did have one heart stopping moment when Marshall slipped while jumping between two massive boulders.  He ended up clinging by his grip over a pretty dangerous drop directly into some rushing water.  Fortunately, Mr. Dooley was at the right place at the right time.  He reached down, grabbed Marshall by the wrist, and hauled him back up.