Olmstead Point
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Where: Olmstead Point, en route between the giant sequoias and LCWC
When: Afternoon of Friday, August 4th, 2006
Notes: This was an un-planned stop.  I'm not sure we even knew this place existed until somebody mentioned it that morning.

Looking S-SE from this vantage point, you can see right down the length of the Yosemite Valley, clear to the famous Half Dome and beyond.  Just spectacular.

Looking underfoot at the bare granite, you can still see the scrapes left in the granite from when the glaciers formed the valley tens of thousands of years ago.

But perhaps most impressive was looking North East as a terrifying storm approached.  Thunder clouds stretched to the horizon, and you could see countless arcs of lightning come out of the sky to hit repeatedly on the bare mountainside.

We sk'daddled pretty quick back to our vans and drove right into the heart of it all, in hopes of making it to LCWC before dark.