Pier 39
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Where: Pier 39, San Francisco (baby!)
When: Monday, August 14, 2006
Notes: We actually ended up breaking into several small groups after the trip to Alcatraz.  Different people saw different things.  There's no doubt that there's a lot to do in this town, and even with our divide and conquer approach, we only scratched the surface.  I expect that many of these young guys will be back.

A lot of fun was had just by poking around in the various stores and people watching.  One of the stores that all of the scouts made sure to visit was "We Be Knives".

Who would have guessed?

One of the more entertaining parts of Pier 39 is just watching the sea lions basking in the sun on one of the piers.

Some of the more adventurous scouts helped a lady bring things into her store, and were rewarded with a long session of relaxation, breathing scented oxygen.

Just some goofy signs seen in and around the area of Pier 39.

Food was everywhere, and people were left to their own for this.  Mr. Cominsky & Mr. Dooley took a few of the scouts over to get chowder in a bowl and have a feast of freshly caught crab.

Although not strictly part of the Pier 39 area, no trip to San Francisco is complete without a visit over to see the cable cars; the only moving national monuments.