The Hike to May Lake
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Where: From Snowy Creek to May Lake
When: Day three of our hike... Wednesday, August 9, 2006
Who: An increasingly tired Red Team

An Early Start

Our leader Koz got us all up bright and early and on the trail before breakfast.  It was good for us to be hiking while the air was crisp, rather than in the heat of the day.  We had breakfast on the trail () and paused to consider our options for the path we were to take for the rest of the hike.

Koz, having had a lot more experience than the rest of us on trails such as this, went ahead solo to scout things out a bit.

Unfortunately, when we went to follow, it was unclear to us whether he went left or right at a juncture in the path.  Our guess is that trail workers inadvertently destroyed or removed the marker Koz left for us.  If you download this Google Earth file (), you'll see our path as we went spent some time trying to figure out which way we should take.

Although this could have turned out badly, I think the end result is that this worked for the better.  All the scouts and adults worked as a team.  We made good use of our walkie talkies as we tried to communicate with different teams to figure out the best path.  As some people forged ahead quickly, others teamed up to help carry their packs.  We kept our heads, and used our training.  We all learned something, and that's never a bad thing.

One thing became very clear... you are on your own out there.  You could yell all you want, and nobody was going to hear you.

We set our sites on getting to May Lake and making camp there.  It was a long and dusty hike, and it took the wind out of all of us.  When we got to the parking lot for May Lake campground, we learned destination was only 1.1 miles away.

It was the longest 1.1 miles of my life.

We made it!

May Lake was beautiful.  We really had no idea what to expect from it, so it all came as a nice surprise.

We found a nice spot to make camp within easy view of the lake, where the guys amused themselves (an others) for quite a while just by skipping stones on the water.