Dinner at the Mobile Station
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Where: The Mobile station, just outside of Lee Vining
When: Evening of Thursday, August 10, 2006 (& other times)
Who: All of us, at one time or another

As the Red Team finished their trek, they were brought first back to this Mobile station.  Because of how the timing had worked out, everybody back at the main camp had already had dinner.  This also served as a good waiting spot.

We all ended up here again on the last day at LCWC.  The place has an un-real quality about it, but the menu was amazing!  Shown below is a fish taco with mango salsa and re-fried black beans.  Beside it is a stunning, rich, 3 layer dark chocolate cake with raspberry syrup poured over it.
And this was at a gas station! 

People hold weddings here! 
There's a trapeze out in front of the place!?
How cool is that?