Ballou Directions
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Directions: (only 10-12 minutes from Hughes Elementary)

bulletStarting from the Hughes Elementary School, go east on Higby for 4.3 miles.

bulletTurn left onto Albany. There will be a firehouse at the corner. 
bulletTake the first right off Albany.
bulletWhen the road 'T's, turn right onto Brockway, then left onto Gates. 
bulletStay to the right when the road forks. You are almost there. 
bulletWatch for a recessed entrance to Ballou on your right after going down a hill.
bulletTurn in, and follow to the end parking area. 
Be prepared for a narrow un-kept road. :-) 

Click here if you want to explore this map region further with Yahoo (which is how I got the map in the first place :-).

Inside Ballou

Click here, or on the map on the right, to download a wonderful, detailed contour map of Camp Ballou.  I scanned it in (from a copy I purchased at the scout store) at 150 DPI, so the resolution is pretty good.  Feel free to download it to your system, then print it out from your favorite graphics program.  The whole image is 520Kb, 1501x1097 pixels.