Hot Dog Notes
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This list should be printed out and referenced for hot dog sales.
bulletGas grill
bulletExtra propane tank
bulletMatches / butane lighter for grill
bulletCash box, with starter money for change (having two would be okay)
bulletDonation jar with lid
bulletTables (sometimes provided by host, sometimes not) - need at least 3! 
(having one more after that helps)
bulletThree coolers... 2 for soda/water, and one just for the meat
bulletCooking tools
bulletCouple knives
bulletCan opener
bulletCouple pots & lids (for chili / kraut)
bulletCouple serving spoons (for above)
bulletGarbage bags (at least 3-4 large bags)
bulletDuct tape
bulletTin foil
bulletPlastic gloves
bulletIce for cooler
bulletLarge foil pans for holding warm dogs, and heating chili / kraut
(make sure these fit the wire holder for sterno)
bulletHand sanitizer
bulletTwine (always some sort of need for this)
bulletNotebook / clipboard & pens (also somehow always useful)
bulletSeveral copies of printed price sheets
bulletSmall propane cooker & gas canisters
bulletStuff to be sold / provided to customers
bulletHot dogs / sausages
bulletHot dog sleeves / holders
bulletCans of Chili / Sauerkraut
bulletDiced onions (optional)
bulletRelish (optional)
bulletSoda (cheap stuff, but many different flavors)
bulletMini snack packs? (Doritos, chips, etc)
bulletPaper napkins
bulletWhatever else we're selling (Applebees tickets, candy bars, etc)
bulletBake sale goods (give plenty of advanced notice to families)
bulletBig Troop 14 Banner
bulletWhiteboard / chalk board with markers (to show prices)
bulletCertificate from Department of Health!
bulletCamera to snap shots for the web site
bulletPrintout of our phone list (always good to have)
bulletFirst aid kit
bulletLounge chairs to take a break in.  :-)
Notes and lessons learned
4/12/2014 Herb's: It was a beautiful Spring day, and almost the entire troop showed up to help.  We were a bit shy on the baked goods (compared with prior years) but still did quite well.  Herb's gave us two long tables, and one short one which was used for applying condiments at the end.  Mr. Ivory supplied the last table.  Having 3 long tables makes all the difference in the world.

We started with the following from a run to BJ's combined with leftover supplies from earlier events...

bullet10 cans of Hormell Chili
bullet8 pounds of sauerkraut
bullet416 Ball Park Hot Dogs (13 packages, holding 32 each)
bullet80 brats / sausage (8 packages, holding 10 each)
bulletAbout 500 buns
bullet475 sodas and waters
bullet3 large jars of dill pickles (an experiment... don't need to do this again)
bullet3 large catsups, 4 large mustards
bullet4 and 1/2 boxes of mixed chips (50 per box)

We started the day at 10:00 at the shed, and were fully set-up selling our first dog by 11!  Late in the day, we went and bought 96 more dogs/buns, having 32 left over when we closed at 4.  Profit for the day?  About $750

Lessons: We could have gotten away with half of the soda and chips above, as we had plenty left over.  Fortunately, we have another dog sale coming up where we might be able to spend our surplus down.  Starting with ~ 500 dogs/brats and buns seems like a nice guess for Herbs.

4/13/2013 Herb's: Weather wasn't great, but we had excellent turnout from the scouts.  Herbs provided 3 tables (but one broke), and Mr. I. provided one that went at the end as place for people to put on the mustard and katsup.  This worked well.  We also made a double boiler setup from the foil pans and sterno.  This worked great as a holding area for dogs in buns.  The sausage we bought was very tasty, and was quite popular. 


  Hot dog $1.50
  Sausage $2.50
  Drink $1.00
  Baked goods 25 - 50 cents each
  Value meal (dog, drink, chips) $3.50
4/17/2010 Herb Philipsons: Pretty stinky weather; cold, drizzly, even a touch of snow.  Having three tables (provided by Herbs) made a huge difference.  Should never try this with less.  Bill Klimacek made a fantastic suggestion of using sterno pots for heating the chili and kraut, and big disposable foil pans for holding the heated dogs.  Made a big difference.  Need to keep front table almost completely clear, allowing place for people to dress their dogs.  Use 2nd table for baked goods and snacks, etc.  Final table is just for use by cooks to hold debris.  Having cold sodas lined up on table makes it a lot easier to let people know what we've got, and prompts them to actually buy.  Also had some insanely hot mustard on hand, which was surprisingly popular. Sales were fantastic!  Started set-up at 10:00... selling by 10:30, and pretty whooped by 4:00 close out.  Having donation jar wide open and right next to the cash-out area seemed to prompt generosity.  We invested a total of $227 buying supplies (including 10 trips to Save a Lot, and a trip each to Ollies and Hannaford), and netted $515 in profit!  Just amazing traffic today!