Backpack Tents
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At the time of this writing (July 2010), the troop has six new backpacking tents.  These were purchased in preparation for the Yellowstone trip, but should get us many years of service.  Below are some notes on how to set them up.

Lay everything out...

bulletThe tent itself (assembles better if zipped closed)
bulletThe fly (silver side goes out)
bulletTwo poles (big one for the front, small one for the feet)
bullet14 tent stakes (count and be sure, especially when packing up - all are needed!)
bulletA tie cord
bulletCases for the above.


Put the poles in.  Make sure they go into the grommet holes closest to the tent.


Stake down the smaller arch.  Note the steep angle. It should be able to stand upright, more or less on its own.


Stretch out the bottom of the tent and stake down.  Start from small end and work towards front.

Notice how doing this results in the larger loop standing up on its own.


If it's a great night, with good temperatures and no chance of rain, stop here.  You're done!

IF you want to put on the fly, start with it zippered closed.  Drape it over the tent, making sure to align the main seam over the larger hoop.  Silver side out.

Stake the fly down all around.  Pull corners out and away from tent.