Stuff to Bring
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The lists below are not meant to be comprehensive.
Use your own judgment.

The items listed here are just reminders... something to jog your memory about what you may want to bring.  Use common sense and your experience to flesh things out.   Just because it's not listed here doesn't mean you're allowed to forget something you need, and likewise just because it's listed here does not mean you must bring it along.

If you've got suggestions on how to improve this list, please do us all a favor and let me know so I can improve what's here.  Until then though, just print this out and use it as a guide.

Stuff the troop brings...


Cooking & Cleaning

Matches (duh)
Mixing bowls
Plastic forks & spoons
Garbage bags
Tin foil / Zip lock bags
Dish towels / washing sponges
Paper towels / napkins
Disposable bowls / plates / cups
Knives (SHARP)
Can opener
Large pots (at 3 least for cleanup)
Coffee pot (for Mr. I. :)
Lids for everything
Dutch oven (?)
Frying pan (2)
The gas cooker
Propane (large & small)
Big flat griddle
Spatula & pincers & prongs
Ladle / serving spoons
Pasta spoon
Colander / strainer
Sponge / wire scrapper
Dish soap
Water filters
Whisk for batter



Basic Food Supplies

Salt & Pepper
Garlic salt / spices
Coffee / hot chocolate

Community Items

Medical & permission forms
Tents as necessary
Toilet paper
Garbage bags & can
(including for bear bag)
Axe / hatchet / saws
First aid kit (troop's)
Newspaper / firestarters /
spare blocks of wood (cedar)
Shovel / broom
Water buckets
Propane tanks
Lanterns & mantles
Fire gloves!
Twine / rope (for bear bag)
Giant blue tarp (tbd)
Giant silver canopy (& poles, etc)
Duct tape
Ground covers
Bear canisters (yellow in bag)
Matches (duh)


Stuff each scout brings...

Flashlight & lots of batteries
Compass / mirror / whistle
First aid kit (personal one)
Medications, if you need them - inform scout leader!
Mess kit / forks & spoons / drinking cup
Hygiene kit (soap, shampoo, tooth brush & paste, wash cloth)
Entertainment (frisbee, cards, soccerball, small musical instrument... no electronics)
Candy & snacks (if allowed)
Bug spray
Jack knife (If you have been certified)


Sleeping bag / pillow / pad
Flip-flops for shower area and beach
Swim suit / towels
Enough clothing to last the duration
Extra socks
Small craft project or book
Scout book (!)
Scout uniform
Hiking boots
Fishing pole and gear
Small camera (disposable)
Pen / pencil / small pad of paper
Rain poncho(s)